It has been a long time since this page was updated. Many things have changed, so I'm pretty much redoing it from scratch.

Halloween 2003

First version of the costume. Ryan wanted to be Yoda for Halloween in 2003, so I decided to break out that old vader helmet and armor I had acquired years ago.

Halloween 2004

Very early version of the Vader Costume. Looks like it's going to be a very bad day for poor Yugi!
Changes: Better inner robe, redone codpiece, moved detail parts from old chestbox to newly-built box, blinking lights in chestbox, added belt buckle, better belt boxes, MR FX Lightsabre

Glendale Heights SummerFest 2005

Here is the older version of the costume at the Glendale Heights Summerfest 2005
The Glendale Heights Chamber of Commerce raffled off a Yoda statue for charity that year, so I volunteered to help with publicity.
Changes: Completely new undersuit, Rubies helmet, Rubies gloves, slightly better shin guards.

The Dark Lord with his newest minions, Glendale Height's Finest!

And here is the lucky winner of the raffle, who got to pose with Lord Vader. Oh, yeah, and get some statue as a bonus.

United Way Charity event at Kellogg's 2005

Kellogg's did a United Way fundraiser where the theme was the 1970s. A prize was given for the best 70s outfit. This is all I had from that era.

I won.

Halloween 2005

Alyssa wanted to go as Shaak-Ti for halloween. Here she is, bravely defending the garage!

Here are Alyssa, Ryan, and Carolyn in their costumes for Halloween 2005. Caitlin did not go with the theme as 'Dressing up in Star Wars costumes is for little kids!'

Meijer Episode III DVD Release

Meijer had a costume contest for the release of the Episode III DVD.

Everybody won, but Anakin here (SL 843, Robert Kasper) and I were given the Episode III DVD as prizes.

A few duels broke out at the Meijer event. Minimal damage was done to the store.

Here are most of the participants. The little Leia was too shy to pose with the rest of us and the mini-Vader had not yet arrived.

Photo Op

Alyssa and I posed for my stepfather's camera in late May. Traffic slowed down to watch.
Changes: Reshaped shoulder armor, completely redone details on chestbox, new gloves, new shin guards, new boots with 2" internal lifts, new belt buckle, repainted and resculpted mask, added neck brace

Grease Wars

The Great Luke Ski wrote the segment "Grease Wars," where Star Wars was done to the music of Grease. I took part in the filming of the video.

Filming was done at the Ed Debevic's at York Town Mall, must to the delight, irritation, or consternation of some of the customers.

A very well done Kenobi costume here. We did a lot of scenes dueling.

More filming of the famous duel, though the location is a bit different from the actual movie....

501st Legion Acceptance

Changes: New lined cape replaces the one I've used for years, and a hilt from a broken MR FX Lightsabre is on my belt.

Closer view of the upper body detail

Wizard World Chicago 2006

I met Jennie Breeden at Wizard World and refused to say "I'm a pretty pretty princess." I don't seem to remember a leaf blower, however....

Here is the best pic of us from Wizard World. I am not sure who took this picture, I found it online.


The 501st goes to Kiddieland! Improvements to the armor and cape made their debut here.

Vader strides onto the scene, accompanied by a trooper escort.
New cape, improved shoulder armor. Cape had a tendency to fall back behind the shoulder armor and get stuck.

The kids love Vader!

Even a Dark Lord of the Sith likes a ride now and again.

Yes, Alyssa, I am your father!

Alyssa hangs out with a fellow pilot.

The 2006 Chicago Halloween Parade

Here I am at the Chicago Halloween Parade.
I added a system to fasten the cape under the armor to keep it from getting blown off kilter. It withstood the entire day with no problems!

501st and Rebel Legion members. Anakin and Obi-Wan look familiar somehow....

TwistedNode Halloween Party

Phaedrus borrowed my TIE Pilot costume to attend the annual TwistedNode Halloween party.

At the party, the Imperials discover an enemy!

The Federation Officer is quickly captured. Nice undershirt!

Interrogation proves useless. He talks easily but knows nothing of value

The Dark Lord of the Sith finds a way to start paying back the debt on that first Death Star....

...An' a new Death Star, an' some new crystals for my lightsabre, an' my son to join me in the Dark Side so we can rule the galaxy together..."

Now what does the horsey thing do again?

More as the costume evolves!